Auburn, Georgia on different tracks

On the surface, Auburn and Georgia share several similiarities this season.  They’re both 3-3 in the SEC.  They both have had their dificulties on defense, and they both could use a strong finish to the season.  But here’s where they’re markedly different heading into Saturday’s matchup at Sanford Stadium:

At Auburn, there’s hope, a sense that a new day is coming under first-year coach Gene Chizik.  An eight-win season woudl be greeted with a bunch of approving nods.  Even a seven-win season would be tolerable.  It’s still the honeymoon phase.

At Georgia, there’s despair.  There’s anger.  There’s real concern that this program is on a slippery slope to mediocrity in the SEC, a program that’s been the hallmark of consistency under Mark Richt.  A seven-win season would go over about as well as a 10-year-old getting socks on Christmas.

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